• Saves both gas and money with an average of 5-15% fuel savings
  • Increases horsepower by more than 5%
  • More than a 70% reduction of carbon monoxide & hydrocarbons
  • Sanctioned internationally as emission reduction equipment that contributes toward passing control tests
  • Produces high octane performance with lower octane fuel
  • Improves performance with quicker starts
  • Maintains the cooling system efficiency
  • Stops limescale build-up and corrosion, as well as diesel fuel algae in engines
  • Engines runs cleaner and oil lasts longer
  • Reduces wear on both the O sensor and catalytic converter
  • Maximizes combustion efficiency
Fuel Benefits
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Increases engine performance
  • Eliminates algae in fuel tanks
  • Keeps two stroke fuel fully mixed and atomized
  • Promotes full fuel viscosity – which prevents fuel jelling

System includes:

  • 1 unit-      FUEL OPTIMISER-1  on the fuel line between gas tank and fuel filter
  • 2 units-   AIR OPTIMISER  for air hose
  • 1 unit-      COOLANT SYSTEM  for engines cooling system
  • 2 units-   FUEL BOOSTER  on the fuel line between the fuel pump and the motor
  • 1 unit-     FUEL OPTIMISER-2  on the fuel line between the fuel filter and fuel pump
Weight 2.8 kg

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