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Engine Performance Optimiser

Sustainable Flow commercial solutions save money on fuel, improve the efficiency of your fleet and reduce emissions

The system works in both petrol and diesel engines


The substantial savings obtained from the increase in combustion efficiency, detailed in the motor system page for small and medium size vehicles, are also applicable to high powered motors. The greater the consumption of fuel, the greater the savings.

A solution to the increased air contamination caused by larger motors should be a major consideration for anyone concerned with sustainability and conscious technology to improve the environment. The considerable reduction of toxic gas emissions, by up to 70%, due to the increase in fuel combustion efficiency offered by Sustainable Flow, is a step into the right direction. Financially and ecologically.

#globalgoals for Sustainable Development

Our governments have a plan to save our planet. It’s our job to make sure they stick to it.

Sustainable Flow

Our commercial solutions require special attention

This is based on size, engine capabilities and speed performance. Please contact us directly and let us know what requirements you have and we will get back to you ASAP with more details on how to reduce your companies carbon footprint.