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Motor Questions

  • No, they do not affect the electronic system in your vehicle. The magnets have a Flux Driver Plate that shields the dispersion as well as a unique build that focuses the magnetic field. These magnets have been shipped by air many times and have been approved as Safe and Non-Hazardous products.

    No onboard electronic technology has ever been disrupted by our systems after they have been installed.


  • Yes, it works on both types of engine.

  • Any sized vehicle from motorcycle upwards can feel the benefits of the Sustainable Flow magnets.

  • No problem, there are larger magnets for larger vehicles, V6, V8, V10.

  • The magnets are fitted on the fuel line just prior to the engine. They need to be installed by one our partners. You can call us to find your local installation outlet.

  • They must be installed by one of our partners. They are held in place by tie wraps and places in key areas along the correct pipes. Air / water and fuel.

  • You can see here for a more detailed explanation.

  • Yes, there is a life time warranty and a 46 day returns policy in place.

  • Yes, magnets can be transferred at any time such as when ownership of the vehicle changes. This needs to be done by one of our partners. You can call us to find your local installation outlet.

  • Magnets come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Magnets are slightly larger for each engine size.

  • No. Magnets do not come into direct contact with the engine, they only influence the air and liquids delivered to the engine via the pipes.

  • You can achieve up to 20% saving on fuel, with less frequent servicing and longer periods between oil changes.

  • Results of 80% reductions on carbon emissions are common in most vehicles.

  • No, as part of our policy all magnets must be installed by one of our partners. Extra measures are taken at the time of installation and important data must be recorded for our internal purposes.

  • Yes. 3 or more vehicles will qualify you for a discount.

  • As long as the magnets are fitted correctly you WILL see a benefit.

  • Yes. A 45 day returns policy is in place as long as the product is not damaged. Please email us direct to [email protected] to find out more.

  • An engine normally needs around 1600 km to bed in before you will experience the full benefit. There have been cases of needing to do less miles, but we like to notify people of the maximum time.

  • You will see a fall in emissions almost immediately (within 4 miles) and that will improve as the engine is cleaned out.


Home Water Questions

  • They soften the water and change the position of the water molecules.

  • They don’t remove particles, but they do dissolve limescale, chlorine and minerals as well as preventing algae growth.

  • Yes, it lowers the water surface tension stabilising (pH) creating softer water.

  • Where the water enters the house and the hot water/boiler outlet pipe. Instructions come with all of our devices.

  • No. The magnets come with a lifetime guarantee.


Boat Questions

  • The number and size of magnets is dictated by the size of the engine. You can submit details on the contact page and we will advise by return message.

  • Between 12 – 20%

  • Yes. The magnets are placed around the fuel line immediately before the motor.

  • It will depend on the frequency of use. You can make comparisons with that of a lorry engine which would be fully bedded in after 1600 km.

  • We will supply an installer for all boat applications or liaise with your own mechanic.


Commercial Vehicle Questions

  • We need to asses the size of your fleet. If you have under 10 vehicles we will require you to use your local Sustainable Flow partner. We will provide an alternative solution for you if you have more than 10 vehicles.

  • Yes you can.