How does air pollution affect your family’s health?

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Many of us are aware that air pollution is an issue. We’re used to seeing cyclists covering their nose and mouth as they navigate busy city streets, and restrictions are beginning to crop up that either restrict access for motorists, or to notify them that they will be charged extra for driving in specific zones. read more


Lembit Öpik Talks To Sustainable Flow

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Lembit Öpik joins us for our very first episode of Insight and he doesn’t hold back on the current state of environmental policy in the UK. The former Lib Dem MP had choice words for London Mayor Saddiq Khan over the new Ultra Low Emissions Zone and for Westminster policymakers’ support for electric cars.

It turns out that Lembit is also a great believer that magnet technology like ours can tackle the emissions problem, but we promise: we didn’t tell him to say that! Our primary reason for speaking to Lembit was the work we’ve seen him do as Director of Communications & Public Affairs for the Motorcycle Action Group. MAG is currently taking the fight to the Mayor of London over the new ULEZ that will charge owners of pre-2007 motorbikes £12.50 per day to enter central London. This is of particular interest to Sustainable Flow because we believe that environmental policy should be more intelligent than simply charging motorists for the privilege of polluting the atmosphere.

Lembit is one of the most colourful characters in modern politics. Although he hasn’t served as an MP since 2010 he still enjoys a higher profile than many serving MPs, having appeared on the likes of I’m A Celeb and Have I Got News For You. Nowadays Lembit presents his own show on BBC Radio Kent and is Chairman of Parliament for the space nation of Asgardia (yes really). He is exactly the kind of out-there thinker that Sustainable Flow likes talking to, so it was an absolute pleasure to welcome Lembit for our first ever Insight conversation.

We would like to thank Howard Cox from FairFuelUK for arranging the interview (link below). Keep your eye out for more Insight conversations with eminent public figures in the coming months…