Meet our Founder: An Interview with Nat Rich

Meet our Founder: An Interview with Nat Rich

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Meet the Ibiza Radio DJ, Model, Presenter and eco-entrepreneur transforming the automotive industry! We caught up with Sustainable Flow’s founder Nat Rich, to find out where it all started.


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Devon and grew up in Sheffield until I was 21. I then did a 10-year stint in London playing havoc!

Can you tell us about DJing, presenting and modelling in the past?

I DJ’d in between London and Dubai. I played for Hed Kandi, Calvin Klein and for the Royal Family in Oman. I DJ’d in a duo with another girl, but I realised that I preferred radio presenting and music selection as opposed to playing out live. The late nights did not agree with my new life path and it led me to have a breakdown.

Modelling was in my early days in London. I was a mainly a promotional model with odd jobs of modelling in between. I was also a mini plus size fitting model for New Look. It wasn’t my dream, and when I realised that it didn’t set my soul on fire like music did I moved on.

I’ve presented my own radio shows and presented videos at music festivals such as WE ARE Festival. I’ve interviewed a wide range of artists including Satori, Klingande, Bushwacker, Jonathan Ulysses, Rudimental, No Artificial Colours, Tough Love, Yousef, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Shadow Child, Sam Divine, Normski, Martinez, Major Lazer, Francesca Lombardo, Clive Henry and Krankbrothers, Graham Sahara, David Sye.

When did you move to Ibiza & what were your main reasons for doing so?

I’d been partying in Ibiza for over ten years every summer. I lived and partied here in 2009 for the summer hitting it hard as everyone does. When I left I vowed that I would live here again one day but with a more chilled lifestyle in some way. The opportunity came up via my friend Tosin booking me to write the content for a clubbing website. With that and my new water company in mind, I made the move. It all fell into place and I followed the signs I asked for. It was tricky as I had just become sober and Ibiza is the last place people expect you to move to when sober, but I’m proud to say that I’ve stayed that way. Three and a half years on I’m still going strong.

When did your interest in the environment and sustainability start?

I had zero interest until I had my breakdown. I was so self-obsessed back then. But I got into meditation because I was dealing with major anxiety and depression and in my meditation, I had a vision that showed me helping people to become brighter versions of themselves by giving them clean water. I then dreamt about water three times that same night and the following day someone offered me a job at a water company. It was all a bit odd, but I do love to follow the weird stuff, so I started researching.

I found out that the planet needed our help and that what we were being told about water and other facts were just not true. So, I vowed to do what I could to help in some way. Then I went deep down the rabbit hole of why the planet is so damaged. I ended up hooked on helping Mother Earth.

How did the idea for Sustainable Flow come about?

The water company I was asked to join had a different vision to me and I wanted to see where my magic signs were leading to, so I asked the universe for a sign that would show me where I was meant to be going. I meditated on it one night (hoping for a vision) but nothing came up. Typical. However, the day after a friend of mine sent me some info on a water device that structured water with the use of some technology that was based on the mathematical equation known as the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden Mean Spiral, as some of you may know. It’s a mathematical equation that’s found in nature and across many ancient architectural sites.

Anything incorporating sacred geometry was something I was keen to learn more about. It was magic, quantum physics, and involved a real-life crazy scientist name Dan Winter who blew my mind. I just had to follow the path to see what the hell all this was about as it was so interesting. It still is, although I have come on leaps and bounds since then and I’m far more grounded in my research of things we are yet to fully understand which led me to work with different technology that is far more robust and well suited to my vision. I’m lucky that the manufacturers of this technology believe in my vision and have agreed to support my team’s efforts in bringing this to the front line.  We have the ‘A Team’ in place.

When did you start Sustainable Flow?

It was three and a half years ago. I knew it was going somewhere, but I wasn’t sure where. It’s been all over the place until we found the right product and put into place what was needed. I have a clear vision, I was just missing some of the pieces. We now have them and the picture on the box is very clear. I’m very lucky to be fully supported too by my family and friends.

What most excites you about your project?

Well, we have technology that is scientifically proven to reduce carbon emissions by up to 70% and save you money on fuel by an average of 10% for both petrol and diesel engines. The devices we offer go into the engine of your car and affect the combustion process in a very positive way causing no damage to the engine itself. It’s the immediate solution to the issues we have in the UK regarding engine pollution.

The technology also works on boats and we’re going through the process of proving it for the aviation sector also. Bringing this technology to the UK market where the air pollution levels are so high is very exciting. We really have a solution that can cut pollution levels overnight. We just need those in positions of strength to jump on board and we could easily lead the way on climate change.

What are your goals/ambitions for Sustainable Flow in the next few years?

Aside from making sure every engine out there has a magnet attached to it to reduce the carbon emissions while saving people money, I have other plans for the company. Two things:

First I would like to see people ‘Following the Rainbow’ aka our Rainbow Drop/Trademark and to see it as a stamp of approval for sustainability and consistency among individuals and business owners. It’s a sign that the person or company with our Trademark is doing their bit to save our planet. It’s the Stamp of Solidarity when it comes to Sustainability. We want to support and commend the people who are making a change.

The second goal is what I feel to be the most important. On my path, I get to meet crazy, unique and game-changing people who are all doing great things to save the planet, but none of it’s in the daily news. Meeting these people and seeing their projects gives me absolute faith that we can quite easily save our planet if people actually knew how it could be done and saw the good news often enough.

I’d like to produce a TV show that’s broadcast on regular TV every week, not just on YouTube. It would be an ongoing series that showcases my journey around the world meeting all these epic human beings and their projects. I know if people saw the magic that I see every day and knew what was really possible out there, they would wake up and take action in their own unique, but powerful ways.

A ‘Sustainable Flow’ of positive news shedding light on this real illusion we are living in would really get people feeling great about the planet and its future. Repetition is key for the human mind. People need to keep seeing it all to really believe in it.

What do you think stands in the way of saving the planet right now?

That’s easy. It’s the human mindset. We have the technology to save the planet, I’ve seen it on my journey. We have the money to implement it as I’ve met tons of game-changing billionaires and millionaires willing to do their bit to give back. But we have this whole group of people who think A: What can I do to save the planet the issue is so big? And B: People think it’s just down to the government to save the day, but that’s just passing the buck to someone else.

Although its a real inner journey most people need to go on, planetary wise it’s a group effort that counts. There are more humans than there are government officials, so when you do the math it’s pretty obvious to see who needs to take action to make a change. Plus, most people don’t believe in the government anymore, so why people seem to still think that a failed system can get us out of the mess we are in is nuts. Like Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. We can hope it will change, but the hope isn’t enough. We have to have absolute FAITH in something for it to happen and people don’t have faith in our government anymore. They also don’t see any alternative to government. I say let’s build one.

Are we doing enough to address these challenges?

I just completed a course at Cambridge University on Business Sustainability Management and in that course I saw tons of projects, initiatives and game changers who are doing amazing things to help save the planet, but my question was ‘If we are in serious danger of losing the planet I’m standing on right now, then why the hell don’t we have the biggest marketing campaign that ever existed advertising to people the real issue and what the solutions are?’. If everyone grasped what I got from my course then the whole world would change in heartbeat. If John Lewis can create adverts that make everyone cry and buy stuff every year, why don’t we have people as good as that doing a marketing campaign on the fact that we have a limited amount of time left to save our planet and get these people buying into that idea instead of Christmas?

What are your personal goals for the future?

To stay true to myself and to have no addictions. Addictions get in the way of progress. Whether that’s Facebook, drugs, alcohol, sex or a new partner, we somehow become addicted because we are so emotionally unstable. My goal is to stay addiction free and be the best version of myself that I can be. Leading by example, I know people can change because I have done it myself and they will change if they are open to understanding that the world really is not what we have been led to believe it is. Once you get past that bit, the rest is a whole lot of fun.

Nat’s been invited to speak at the Events & Entertainment conference at Regent’s University on the 7th November as the owner of both her companies Sustainable Flow and On Air Radio.  She will be talking about her mind & work-life balance, lifestyle,  succeeding as a woman in business and her motivation for success.


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